A Bigotry Rarely Discussed

We often hear reports of bigotry and hate committed against gays. But does bigotry ever occur in the opposite direction?

Well, we can tell you the answer is “Yes, it does.” Over the past two years AFA-NY received 5 anonymous letters sent by a gay person who hated the Christian faith. After these letters stopped, AFA-NY received 4 telephone calls from a gay man making disgusting and obscene anti-Christian remarks. In one message, left on AFA’s answering machine, he said, “Is this the right number to call if I want Jesus to come over and XXXX my XXXX ?” The same fellow called again to say, “Go XXXX yourself, you ignorant assholes, and tell Jesus to go XXXX Himself.” In still another call he said, “So how does it feel to be told by the Supreme Court that you’re all XXXX assholes?” On his 4th call, this gay anti-Christian bigot said, “Go XXXX yourself, you ignorant assholes, and go XXXX Jesus too !”

Hatred of gays is morally wrong, and this issue is often discussed in the media. But hatred of Christians by gays is also morally wrong, but is never discussed in our media.

Christians believe homosexuality is a disorder and their sexual activity is objectively sinful. But we’re also taught to love the homosexual person and, while we can judge gay sexual activity as immoral, we can never judge the homosexual person as we don’t know what’s going on in his/her mind—this is something only God can judge. This gay man is clearly filled with a deep hatred of Christianity and its beliefs. Keep him in your prayers.

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