Notes & Asides

  • One of our best sources of info on the subject of “educational reform” is School Reform News, published monthly by The Heartland Institute (312-377-4000;, a non-profit, non-partisan public policy research organization


  • The best professional graduate school in the US teaching all the instruments of statecraft, diplomacy, military strategy, intelligence, counter intelligence, political warfare and economic strategy is the Institute of World Politics, located in Washington, DC (202-462-2101;


  • Let’s hope Gov. Cuomo and NY Sen. Flanagan can get our Assembly Democrats to allow a vote on NY’s Education Tax Credit bill (A.2551), which would be a key first step towards helping low and middle income students get a better education while also saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of $$$.


  • Pls. keep in your prayers (deceased) Betty Cava, Larry Cervellino, Francis Gilroy, Mary McGinity, Frank Nuzzolese, Jack O’Connor, Mary Peterson, Madeline Pritchard, & Frank Scobbo and (ill) Tony Carpinelli, Sal Guadagna, Pat Ford, Ray Keenan, Andy McKnight, Evan Daniel Rich (in utero) Thomas Metzger, Mary Johnson (bad car accident) & Dr. Wayne Weisner.


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