Fall   2017       VOL. 24   NO. 2

JPMorgan Chase Supports Far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was a valid group formed in 1971 to oppose
white racist groups in the South. But now it “has morphed into a particularly dangerous and disingenuous far-left activist organization. Its current specialty is classifying and tracking so-called hate groups”. ( National Review, 9/11/17)

Some groups, such as pro-Nazi groups and KKK groups, are understandably listed. But it turns out the SPLC also lists solid Christian groups such as the American Family Association, the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Research Council also as “hate groups,” primarily because of our opposition to same-sex marriage and to the legalization of abortion.

As National Review concluded (9/11/17),” The SPLC is a cancer on the American body politic and deserves no one’s support, especially not support from two of America’s most powerful and respected corporations”. We fully agree and are currently trying to determine if Chase Bank equally supports groups that adhere to traditional marriage and the right to life. We’ll let you know what we conclude.

Ms. Carol Swain, an African-American former professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University wrote an Opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal (9/12/17) on “What It’s Like to be Smeared by the Southern Poverty Law Center”. When the SPLC was started in 1971 “it was needed and had noble goals”, she wrote. But in recent years “it has become a tool of the radical left …that smears orthodox Christian churches and pro-family organizations as ‘hate groups.’”

Another company that has taken action in support of the pro-gay agenda is Paypal. According to the Society of Catholic Social Scientists (SCSS), Paypal cancelled its plan to expand in North Carolina at a cost of hundreds of new jobs because of the state’s law that properly won’t allow a male who “thinks” he’s really a “female” to enter a woman’s shower or bathroom. The SCSS has switched from Paypal to Propay. We encourage you to do likewise.

NAACP & School Choice

The Nat’l Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has been known for supporting the just interests of African-Americans. But in recent years they have taken positions opposing school choice—i.e., charter schools and school vouchers–which provide minorities a chance to give their children a better education. Many polls show minorities support school choice even more than white parents. Why then is the NAACP opposing school choice?

The NAACP seems to be beholden to public school teacher unions and the Democrat Party, which also opposes parental choice in education.

School choice improves educational quality for all students—both those that choose private/religious schools as well as those remaining in our public schools. Why? Because the competition that results puts pressure on all schools to improve, or else parents will choose a different school.

Two key African-Americans who founded charter schools in Philadelphia & DC, David Hardy & Donald Hence, have said, “The NAACP’s campaign against charter schools is detrimental and disrespectful to all parents who struggle to ensure a quality education for their children.” Rather than advancing choice in education, “the NAACP has chosen to stand as an obstacle, and work to stifle, a movement that for thousands of children is the greatest & only hope for achieving a quality education.” (Center for Education Reform, Summer, 2017)

Some Interesting Facts

Our Lowest Childbearing Rate Ever:

  • First time over half (54%) of U.S. women ages 25-29 are childless
  • First time over 30% (31%) of U.S. women ages 30-34 are also childless.

(US Census Fertility Report, The Week, 5/26/17)

Sad Data re Catholic Church in USA:

 1965  2016
 Catholic Population  46.3 M  67.7 M
 Total # of Priests  58,632  37,192
 # Religious Sisters  179,954  47,110
 Infant Baptisms  1,310,000  670,481
 Marriages  352,458  145,916
 Mass Attendance  55%  22%

(CARA @ Georgetown University)

Median Household Incomes

  • Asian                         $ 81,431
  • Hispanic                   $ 47,675
  • White (non-His.)     $ 65,041
  • Black                         $ 39,490

(WSJ, 9/13/17)

Inner-City (NYC) Scholarship Fund 
(helping poor NYC families send kids to Catholic schools)

  • # of scholarships/year ————————-    7,000
  • # inner-city students in these schools —   29,000
  • % minority students —————————-    93%
  • % students <  poverty level ——————    69%
  • % HS seniors who graduate —————–    99%
  • % graduates going to college —————    98%
  • cost/Catholic school student —————-    $7,000
  • cost/NYC  Public School student ———-   $20,000

(info:;  or 212-753-8583)

How Americans View Themselves

Liberal:           25%
Moderate:       34%
Conservative: 36%

(Newsmax, April 2017)

Bias in the Media ???

Yes, some news reporters are liberal in their thinking and some are conservative. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and PBS tend to be more liberal, while FOX tends to be more conservative. But is it more than this?

Well, the following half dozen relationships were unknown to us, and so when he heard of this data we had to verify it. It appears to be fully accurate for recent past years.

—ABC News Pres. Ben Sherwood is the brother of Pres. Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall.

—CNN Executive Virginia Moseley is married to Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Sec. of State, Tom Nides.

—ABC News Exec. Producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, Obama’s Nat’l Security Advisor.

—CBS News Pres. Dave Rhodes is brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy Nat’l Security Adv.-Strategic Communications

—ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to fmr. Whitehouse Press Sec. Jay Carney.

—ABC News reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary

  AFA’s Vinnie Santoro Honored

AFA-NY’s Vincenzina (Vinnie) Santoro has been our official NGO representative at the UN for over 15 years. Vinnie is being honored by World Youth Alliance (WYA) on Tues., Oct. 10th @ The Union Club in NYC (69th St. & Park Ave.).
Tickets to help WYA’s global work are $350; for info, pls. call : 212-585-0757.

Bias on College Campuses?

In 2015 there were some 21 cases where conservatives were asked to address college students but were then disinvited because of opposition from liberal students on campus. In 2016, this bias problem doubled to 42 cases where conservatives  were disinvited to address college students.In 2015 there were some 21 cases where conservatives were asked to address college students but were then disinvited because of opposition from liberal students on campus. In 2016, this bias problem doubled to 42 cases where conservatives  were disinvited to address college students.
(Newsmax, April 2017)

In a survey of 432 Dartmouth University students by the college newspaper, 69% of Republicans and 61% of Independents said they would be comfortable living with a room-mate with opposing political views.  But only 39% of Democrats said they’d be comfortable. (The Week, May 12, 2017)
A survey at Yale University “the college’s atmosphere is anything but collegial for those who hold conservative views. The Yale Daily News found that 75% of respondents agreed that Yale is not a “welcoming” environment for those with conservative views.”
(Nat’l Review, 11/21/16)

Public Schools Transformed by Growing Immigrant Population

In 1980 only 7% of all public school students in the US came from immigrant households.  In 1990, this grew to 11% and by 2015 this amounted to about 25%.

In 1980 only 9% of our students spoke a language other than English at home.  By 1990 this was 14% and by 2015 it reached 23%.

(Newsmax, May 2017)

Evangelicals & Catholics Uniting

The recent series of attacks on very solid Christian groups such as the Family Research Council, Alliance Defending Freedom and Focus on the Family by the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center has provided an increasing opportunity for Evangelical groups and Catholic groups, such as the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights to come and work together on key social issues about which they are in strong agreement, such as issues dealing with marriage & the right to life.

One good example of this occurred recently when some of the liberal news media such as ABC News, NBC News and CNN smeared the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) as a “hate” group based on the evaluation made by the SPLC, a group that is pro-same-sex marriage and pro-abortion rights. Dr. William Donohue, Pres. of the Catholic League, came to the defense of the ADF. This brought words of thanks from the leaders of ADF.
And this is not the first time this joint support occurred. Many years ago other prominent Catholic leaders, such as Father Richard Neuhaus, joined to support pro-family groups such as the Moral Majority, the Family Research Council and the Christian Coalition.

Democrat Senators Critical of “Orthodox” Catholic Nominee

Amy Barrett, a well -respected law professor at Notre Dame University was nominated by Pres. Trump to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, the federal courts just below the US Supreme Court. These nominees require approval by the US Senate. Sen. Diane Feinstein (Dem-Cal.) apparently feels that Prof. Barrett may be such a faithful Catholic that she should be excluded from any federal judgeship position (WSJ editorial, 9/8/17). Sen. Dick Durbin (Dem-Ill.) also jumped in asking Ms. Barrett, “Do you consider yourself an orthodox Catholic?” Such questions, said the WSJ, were “part of a broader effort on the left to disqualify people with strong religious views from the public square.” Then Sen. Al Franken (Dem-Minn) accused Ms. Barrett of appearing before a “hate” group, referring to the Alliance Defending Freedom, a fine religious liberty legal group that was designated a “hate” group by the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center, which also put AFA in the “hate” group category because of our opposition to same sex marriage. Senators Feinstein, Durbin and Franken have very different viewpoints on human sexuality and marriage than the views held by traditional Catholics and Christians. Anti-Catholic & anti-Christian bigotry by such prominent US Senators is indeed most disturbing.

Voter Fraud Issue

A 2012 Pew Research Center survey found over 10% of voter registrations are “inaccurate, out of date or a duplicate”. About 2.8 million voters were registered to vote in multiple states and 1.8 million more were actually “dead”. In spite of this, we doubt there is significant voter fraud. What this poorly managed voter registration system does is allow for fraud should such be desired. Registration lists here in New York also contained as eligible voters many residents who had moved or had died. Part of the problem is that voter registrations continue even when folks fail to vote for many years. Have voters vote every 4 years and if not, then re-register?

NYC’s Charter Schools

New York City has about 227 charter schools with 115,000 students, or about 10% of all NYC PS students. (NY Daily News, 5/17/17) There are only about 12 schools in the northeast & central areas of the Bronx and in Jamaica & Jackson Hts., Queens. But families in these communities submitted over 37,000 applications for seats in these 12 charter schools. The NY Center for Charter Schools said these communities were “saddled with low-performing district schools and that parents are desperate for alternatives.” Over 13,000 applications were submitted in the northeast Bronx section alone for a mere 410 charter school seats. In other words, only 1 in 30 applicants were given a seat in a charter school. Another 18,000 applications were submitted for seats in the central Bronx district. (NY Post, 6/1/17)

Sadly, the Democrats in control of our NYC schools and their budgets are terrified of the powerful NYC public school teacher unions and put the union interests above the just interests of these families who want to see their children get
a good education and job opportunities.

One piece of good news is that charter schools, and school vouchers for parents selecting private/religious schools, are being given the best chance ever with the 2017 appointment of Betsy DeVos as our US Secretary of Education. She is by far the best Education Secretary our nation has ever had. Hopefully, parental choice in education will advance for the benefit of students, especially from low income families, and also benefit taxpayers, who benefit since funding for private/religious schools, and charter schools, is on average less than the cost per public school student.

Final Battle with Satan

On October 13, 1917 one of the few public miracles approved by the Catholic Church occurred at Fatima, Portugal. This was the 6th consecutive monthly appearance of Our Blessed Mother to 3 children. A miracle for all to see was promised for Oct. 13th, the 6th monthly appearance, and it did indeed occur as it was witnessed by some 70,000 people, including a number of Socialist government people who were there to ridicule the crowds for their “crazy” belief that a miracle would occur. Instead, even these atheistic socialists reported on the miracle of the “dancing sun” in their socialist newspaper, O Seculo, (10/15/1917).
October 13th of this year is the 100th Anniversary of that famous miracle event.

This amazing incident is also the subject of a famous Warner Brothers 1952 movie, Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima. While 2 of the 3 children died within 2 years as was foretold them, the third, Lucia, lived as a nun until 2005, dying at age 97.

Considering what is occurring in our nation, and indeed the entire world, it is especially interesting to see what Sister Lucia wrote decades ago in the following note to Cardinal Carlo Caffara (Archbishop of Bologna)— “the final battle between the Lord and the reign of Satan will be about marriage and the family. Don’t be afraid because anyone who works for the sanctity of marriage and the family will always be fought and opposed in every way, because this is the decisive issue.*” Cardinal Caffara just passed away on Sept. 6, 2017.


Changes Coming in AFA’s TV Programs

Things are really changing technologically. We’ve been doing our AFA television programs for 23 years now, producing 320 tv programs for airing on public access tv in many areas of NY state. At its peak we had access to about 5 million tv viewers, although in all likelihood we typically had fewer than 5,000 of these folks as actual viewers each week.

Over the years we had about 20 people involved in filming these programs at a studio provided by Cablevision. All were volunteers. We’ve also had about 200 guests on our programs as well. But things ARE changing. Fewer people are now viewing television, including public access tv. And now we’re only airing in the Long Island area on Verizon and on Cablevision. But looking to the future, we hope to start up an AFA-NY YouTube channel.  So please stay tuned.


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