TV Schedule

The American Family Association of New York presents a weekly public access television program reaching millions of New Yorkers throughout Long Island, Albany, Buffalo, New York City and more!

Comments on our programs are welcome at (516)944-3544. You can also email us or write to the following address:

PO Box 203
Port Washington, NY 11050

See Below for a list of counties and programs!

AFA Presents

  1. Long Island                     (Verizon)
  2. Rockland                          (Verizon)
  3. Great Neck                       (Cablevision and Verizon)
  4. Nassau                               (Cablevision)
  5. Rockland                           (Cablevision and Verizon)
  6. Suffolk (Central)            (Cablevision)
  7. Manhattan                       (Cablevision)
  8. Suffolk (Western)           (Cablevision)

Contemporary Social Issues

  1. Nassau                              (Cablevision)
  2. Western Suffolk             (Cablevision)
  3. Central Suffolk               (Cablevision)
  4. Eastern Suffolk               (Cablevision)
  5. Long Island                      (Verizon)
  6. Rockland                           (Verizon)
  7. Manhattan                       (Verizon and Cablevison)